Skin Treatments

Popular Cosmetic Skin Treatments

Cosmetic treatments are the most popular treatments that can be found, which helps in improving the look and feel of the skin. Some people use heat to trigger collagen production, and others work like Sandpaper to fill in wrinkles and smooth imperfections. These treatments are the lesser invasive than surgeries and take a little time to recover.

Botox Injections

The bacterium that causes botulism is what makes botox. To reduce the appearance and wrinkles, doctors use a thin needle to inject these small amounts into the muscles of the face. It blocks certain nerves, and the doctor targets some specific muscles so that the surrounding skin won’t affect. The treatment requires about 15 min and anaesthesia will also be not needed. The result may appear after few months.

Chemical peel

Chemical peelings help in treating wrinkles, rough skin, freckles, acne scars, and age spots. The treatment is to remove the damaged skin using specific chemicals. The range of chemical peel is from mild to profound, and the best type that suits you depends upon the skin problems. Alpha hydroxy acids are used in mild peels; trichloroacetic acids are used for the medium peels. The recovery time is much higher as it reduces fine lines and acne.

Laser skin resurfacing

Short beams of light treat uneven skin tone, wrinkles, age spots, and scars. It heats the deeper layers and removes the outer layer of the skin. The production of collagen gets triggered, which helps in smooth looks and firm skin. Ablative lasers produce faster results, but the recovery rate is less. Non- ablative lasers are treated for the early signs of ageing. The fractional laser works like an ablative laser, which has the advantage of less recovery rate and reduced discomforts.


Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure that helps in wrinkles and scars. Doctors perform it in their clinics that injects local anaesthesia that numbers the skin. A device that looks like a wire brush is used to scrape away the top layer of the skin. Side effects can be caused after the treatment, like burning, pain, and swelling. The treatment is different for deeper scars and wrinkles,, and the doctor may use procedures in steps or maybe more than a treatment.



The mild version of dermabrasion is the microdermabrasion. It removes the outer layer’s skin imperfections, including the ageing spots, scars, minor facial lines, enlarged pores, acne, discoloured skin. It also helps in reducing the stretch marks. There is no recovery time for this procedure, and it takes nearly 30 minutes to treat. Most of the people need several treatments before seeing the change of improvement. The results lasting is depending on the skin damage senerity and the number of treatments. Doctors use a hand-held devices to apply tiny crystals which will sand the skin.

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